Deka – The Gilded Ones Series

Hello Ink Drinkers! Welcome to a segment that I’m going to be calling “Bad Bitch Thursdays,” where we are going to talk about amazing women in our favorite books.

This week, we will be discussing Deka from The Gilded Ones series. Deka goes through hardship after hardship. The is betrayed by the people she trusted the most. Nine times she is “killed” before she is saved from a faith of torture and abuse to be thrusted into a life of war against the Deathshieks (pale monsters who attack the surrounding villages).

Deka finds out some interesting things about her legacy and the Deathshieks (spoilers 🫣). Her life is changed and flipped upside down again. She’s going through change after change, and handling it not so well at first, but she takes it like a champ at every turn.

The Gilded Ones starts the story, The Merciless Ones is the middle of the story, now we are (im)patiently waiting for the ending. Deka we are still rooting for you girl! we know your ending is going to be epic.

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