The Door of No Return Book Tour

Hello my beautiful Ink Drinkers and welcome to my leg of The Door of No Return bookish tour! I want to thank Hear Our Voices and Kwame Alexander for the opportunity to read and review the beautiful book. An eARC was provided in by Hear Our Voices.

Wow. I know, it’s very rare for me to start a review like this, but guys. WOW! For a middle grade novel, this book gets real deep, and that’s what we need to in today’s society. Where books are getting banned just for shits and giggles. This is a book that needs to be on everyone’s shelves. This book takes you on an emotional journey of love, loss, betrayal, survival – oh and it’s written in prose btw.

We are sent to 1860’s Ghana, where we meet Kofi, who’s part of the Asante Kingdom. In the kingdom there are these festivals where they hold wrestling matches. Kofi wins his match but ends up killing his opponent. His opponent happens to be someone of great importance to the kingdom… and now Kofi is stolen from his home and is now a slave.

Y’all, the amount of tears I’ve shed behind this book. I absolutely loved it, and I cannot wait for the next installment to come out. It’s a must read for everyone. I plan on picking up the audio as well, I can only imagine how haunting the voice acting is.

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