Book Club Announcement!

Hello, my beautiful Ink Drinkers! Today is a wonderful day. My longtime friend and fellow bookstagrammer @shockinglyshayreads and I have decided after a two-year hiatus, lots of brainstorming, and a whole lot of tears to restart and revamp our book club.

Our club does not focus on the hot and heavy upcoming books. We have decided to tackle the ever-growing mass that has become our TBRs. You know what we mean: the books we buy and “lost” only to find it months later only to “lose” it again. Or that book we bought and said “oh! I’m going to read this one next!” Only to pick up something that piqued your fancy a little bit more.

We all have done it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. That is why we are doing this. And if this is something you would like to join in on, please reach out to myself at @piscesbooklover or click on Shay’s link above.

We will also be hosting our club discussions on the Fable app. We are so excited to meet and read with all of you!

Much love!

Pisces 💋


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